October 6th, 2016

Surprise! I'm back1

Some posts on Facebook reminded me of LJ so here I am from an update.

I gottem! My career has been a twisted roller coaster with moments when I thought it was all over to the highs of new sales. Here's the tally of my recently published books:
* SNOW DOG, SAND DOG (Albert Whitman 2014)
* CASH KAT (Arbordale 2017)
* A CAT IS BETTER (Little Bee 2017)
* LUCY LOVES GOOSEY (Little Bee 2017)

CURIOUS CAT SPY CLUB had 3 hardback/paperbacks with a 4th book published Oct 24. Soon!
And I'm currently writing the 5th CCSC titled DOG-GONE DANGER due out in 2017.

While THE SEER & DEAD GIRL series still sell, I also have a new YA--the biggest book I've ever written and it took 9 years from idea to publication.
*MEMORY GIRL (CBAY books!). This one has a slow start but high interest from Hollywood. Please check it out!

So what's new with you? Anyone out there?????