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The year is almost over, and with my husband retiring early, 2012 has been a wonderful new adventure. We took many trips, near and far, that weren't possible when he had hours of commuting and out of town work. He missed lots of time with our kids and I had to deal with a lot on my own. Now we're enjoying time together -- sometimes not even being in the same room is a joy because we are only a shout away. So my family life is a blessing, and there's not a day that goes by without silent gratitude.

As for my writing, I had terrible and wonderful things this year. Lots of rewriting, waiting, disappointment and joy. My spin-off to THE SEER series, BURIED: A GOTH GIRL MYSTERY, came out in March which was great! But the best moment was the phone call from my agent on June 14th to announce the sale of my picture book, SNOW DOG-SAND DOG, to Whitman Publishing. I still have the voice mail on my phone. I won't ever delete it.

Through the ups and downs, I never stopped writing, plotting, dreaming, hoping. When I started writing at age 8, even then I knew this was something special for me. A calling of words to share with the world. And as the writing world changes, widening its arms for paperless stories, I still personally prefer the paper, but am just grateful for readers who say they love my books. Apparently I have a big fan base in Quebec with my translated books, and it's a special joy to hear from those fans.

So my advice to other writers is to never stop hoping and believing in yourself. If you need encouragement or have a writing question, just email me ( Giving back is part of being a writer. So I'm here, if you need a friend.

2012 is turning a new page. Have an amazing 2013.
Regeneration is being reprinted in French Canadian!.
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