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A Young Writer Just Asked Me For Writing Advice and...

A young writer just asked me for writing advice and here's what I wrote back.

* Read a lot of books that you admire and study skills like dialogue, transitions, layering of details in each scene, pacing, etc. Notice whenever you read something that makes you emotional to learn how to touch the hearts of your future readers.

* Don't worry about your writing being perfect, just write a first draft then come back for rewriting. Lots of rewriting. I truly believe in the saying that books aren't written, they're rewritten. My books have gone through zillions of rewrites.

* Don't make the mistake of loving your story so much (like a mother loves her own baby) that you think it's perfect and you rush it out into the world of publishing before its ready. I mean, even exceptional babies take time to learn to walk, talk and sing the ABC song. New writers should take some time to let their words sing and mature into something amazing.

*  Editors are important. Without them my books would have been error-filled and not as strong. Take the time to build your writing style and skills so editors, agents and readers will fall in love with your work.

More writing advice for writers here....

Here's the website:
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