lindajsingleton (lindajsingleton) wrote,

To blog or not to blog

Another writer said that LJ has become a ghost town, and that is sadly true. But I will still post here occasionally and go through the posts of my friends. Several years ago I attended a retreat that was amazing because of friendships on LJ. And with Facebook being selective (tricky) about which posts we see, that's not all that reliable either. Twitter is useful and where I seem to get most of the links for articles and blogs on writing, at least Twitter isn't playing games with people like Facebook. And count me in as one of the many who doesn't like the new profile page of Facebook -- just let the posts speak for themselves.

And still I enjoy blogging here on LJ. There's something so personal and interesting, too, and the posts of my friends here. I've followed many of their successes and disappointments, and read many of their books. I love to support books by my friends. We're all in this crazy game together.

As for my game playing lately, I am feeling very encouraged and hopeful. Soon I hope to share more here.

Believe in your writing and keep blogging of hopes and dreams that do come true.
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