lindajsingleton (lindajsingleton) wrote,

That terrifying terrific editorial letter!

It's true what writers say -- good writing is rewriting. Still when a writer receives a challenging editorial letter, there's some anxiety.  But there's also an exhileration akin to climbing into a amusement ride seat, strapping yourself in tight, then zooming off for a jolting, dizzy, heart-thrilling ride.

I am nearing the end of revisions that have consumed my life for over a month. Revising might seem taunting to some authors, but I was SO excited when I received an amazing 8-page revision letter. The suggestions showed me how to delve deeper into character, theme, plotting and world-building

. My steps for revision have been:

1. Read the letter. Reread the letter. Repeat this often.

2. Jot notes on the letter, write new scenes on the back of the letter, make lists of things to change.

3. Wake up from dreams (usually at 4AM) with new passages streaming through my mind, jot them down then include in story.

4. Begin at chapter 1. Go back to chapter 1. Again. Cut extra words (like that, very) add visual details, revise  dialogue. Repeat.

5. Write morning, night, at camping sites, hotel rooms, lobbies and even a bowling alley, until there are 4 new chapters and I've reached the last page. Then go over it all again. Repeat, until the only step left is to send the book off with cross-fingers.

I am so grateful for this professional insight, and hopeful it leads to some good news. Stay tuned!

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