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From 4 books to a spin-off...

When I finished writing the 4th THE SEER, SWORD PLAY, I was told there wouldn't be a 5th.

I got this call on my cell while taking a walk by a lake, and I still remember
having walked a mile and being out of breath but feeling really good. Then
my phone rang and my hopes soared to the sky. I was sure it was going to
be a call asking me to write the 5th THE SEER. But was a "sorry, no."
And it was strange how my body raced with an exercise high so the disappointment
didn't hit me until I got home. Then I think I cried.

But months later my editor changed his mind (maybe had something to do
with THE SEER being honored by YALSA as a Quick Pick selection) or that
sales were just going well. I was so thrilled to write what I thought would be
the final THE SEER book, and I put romance, spying, horses, camping,
astral travel, murder and a long lost sister in the story so I could give readers
an exciting conclusion.

THE SEER #5, FATAL CHARM, came out in 2007.

The series really was over now, and I had to keep telling fans when they
asked for a 6th book, that it just wasn't going to happen. There was one day
when I had several emails asking for another book and I just screamed at my
computer because I hate disappointing kids.

I kept busy and happy writing the DEAD GIRL trilogy. Read the first chapter
on my website.

But I missed Sabine from THE SEER and still received emails asking for a 6th THE SEER.

Then a miracle happened. A new editor at Flux asked me to write a 6th THE SEER
plus a spin-off novel starring THORN. I was sooo happy! And since this really would
be the end of THE SEER series, I put in all kinds of excitement and romance. I based
MAGICIAN'S MUSE on the memory of visiting a master magician and learning about
apprenticeships and the secrecy of the mostly male magician world. I put in some
feminism themes and created the ghost of woman magician who literally died on stage.
There's also a storyline with Dominic that completes the short story at the end
of DON'T DIE DRAGONFLY (large-sized newest edition only has short story).

To read first chapters of all 3 of my series check out the FREE short story:

Thanks to all of my SEER fans. You're the reason there's a 6th book and now a spin-off with Thorn that could be the beginning of a new series..

The spinoff to THE SEER, BURIED: A GOTH GIRL MYSTERY, has been published. You can see all my books on my website
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