lindajsingleton (lindajsingleton) wrote,

MAGIC THIEF: Lost (Review)

THE MAGIC THIEF: LOST by Sarah Prineas

I loved the first MAGIC THIEF book for its creative magic, exciting adventures and fascinating characters. The second book in this series continues on where the first left off. Conn, the thief turned wizard's apprentice, is unable to speak to his magic since his "locus magicalicus" jewel was destroyed.  So he comes up with a plan to speak to magic by creating explosions--which leads to dangerous complications. While Conn struggles to regain his magical skills, an unknown enemy is threatening Wellmet, sending shadows that turn their victims to stone. Conn's attempts to save his friends backfire and even his close friends distrust him. To prove his innocence, he goes on a deadly quest to defeat a powerful sorcerer.

Sarah Prineas writes fast-paced, thrilling scenes with strong, visual writing. Her characters don't simply move with ordinary verbs; they splat-land, flap-flap, swept-step; unique words that add atmosphere and poetry. The MAGIC THIEF series has gorgeous covers, characters you love, and cliffhanger endings that make you eager to read the next book. Don't miss this magical series!
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