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ALA and more...

When I go to writing events, the most fun for me is talking to people who love books like I do. At ALA I was able to talk to so many amazing readers.

BEST CONFERENCE MOMENT: While in Marlene Perez's line, I noticed two teens in front of me. The two girls whispered and looked at me then admitted they were SEER fans and loved Dominic, and I handed out bookmarks then offered them my last copy of BURIED. The girls were excited and it felt great to have a signing in a line for someone else's signing. Some librarians recognized my name, too.  Nice.

OTHER BEST MOMENT:  I have a book close to contract that I can't publicly announce yet, but the publisher was at ALA and I stopped by their booth and they recognized who I was and seemed pleased to meet me. I stopped by for a signing of one of their authors later, hoping to be there signing my own book in about 2 years.
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